Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism
What we call Medical Tourism is the event of traveling to another country for the purposes of medical and healthcare treatments. Patients choose to travel abroad in order to experience high quality treatments, excellent services and significant lower costs than what is offered in their home country, whilst at the same time enjoy the benefits of other destinations. Our company is able to assist to the right medical and healthcare possibilities to patients who are seeking all above!

The destination … Cyprus
It is true that Cyprus has gained good reputation for its excellent healthcare system over the last few years, which offer value for money and quality medical treatment for patients. The healthcare system has been improved tremendously and patients can benefit from the vast quality treatments. Today there are six public hospitals, over eighty private hospitals and clinics, about 2250 doctors and more than 750 dentists. Cyprus Authorities are giving a lot of emphasis in promoting Cyprus as a health care destination with the adorable Mediterranean climate, long dry summers and mild winters, being ideal for recuperating both for the patient but also for people accompanying them.

Our Services
Our job is to offer you the best options of healthcare providers who have advanced medical facilities, latest high-tech equipment with internationally trained doctors and the attentive action you are looking for. As long as you decide to travel to Cyprus for receiving the suitable therapy, we are keen to remain thought the process the link between you and the healthcare provider. By best knowledge and highly esteemed interactions we may propose the best providers in the fields of Health and Wellness; Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery, Dentistry, Infertility, Spa Treatments, etc, ensuring that you will have the best treatment and post-operative care after any kind of therapy or surgery.
Apart from helping you choose the suitable provider we can also assist with all legalities (insurance policies, permissions, paperwork) and coordinate comfortable tailor made package options (including your flight, transportation, accommodation and entertainment) to incorporate your medical requirements.

  • Health Treatments
    We can ensure that your medical treatment in Cyprus will be accomplished without long waiting lists, instant access to consultants, fast speed test results and prompt individual treatments with one to one patient care between patient and specialist.
    Climatotherapy treatment 
    Cosmetic & Plastic surgery
    Elective surgery
    Eye surgery
    Hair transplant
    Infertility treatment
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  • Wellness & Beauty Treatments  
    Spa & Relaxation
    From therapeutic mineral waters from local springs said to be helpful for ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis and spinal complaints to massages, relaxation and other facial and body treatments, all available in rehabilitation centres and hotels in Cyprus. Find out more information by send us your inquiry at [email protected]
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