Who we are …

Tecoma Services Limited has been formed in 2009 and begun its official operations in 2010. The company’s shareholders with many years of experience in the tourism industry, extensive involvement at the travel sector and particular education on tourism business management issues, have decided to run their own Travel, Tours & Services Business and offer professionally their experiences and knowledge.  

Supported by the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce Industry and Tourism, Tecoma Services Limited has been approved for its’ submission to the ‘Project to strengthen women’s Entrepreneurship’ that empowers female entrepreneurship. Co-funded by the European regional development fund of the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus for the period 2007–2013, the project aimed to develop, support and promote entrepreneurship among women (from 18 to 55 years old) who wished to do business in economic activities, making use of their knowledge, training and talents. The projects’ objectives were planned to be achieved by the use of incentives in the form of financial aid and educational training seminars for creating new and sustainable micro-enterprises.

Today, despite the constant change of technology and the highly competitive environment, the company is involved with tourism activities related to incoming and outgoing travels, local market organisational issues, became also accredited by IATA (International Air Transport Association), member of ACTA (Association of Cyprus Travel Agents) and member of the Board in 2017 and EBE Larnaka (Larnaka Chamber of Industry and Commerce) and officially licenced by CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organisation). In 2012 the company has also became a member of the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board associated with the businesses new development of introducing and promoting Medical, Health & Wellness Tourism in Cyprus. In 2016 the company’s director has been elected as a member of the Board.  

The company launged its own on-line hotel reservation system providing travel and holiday services as well as instant reservations for Accommodation in Cyprus. Understanding the need of an expertise opinion especially when planning to purchase services using the internet, we have also created the ‚Make Your Own Holidays’ tool, giving to customers the oppotunity to get our personalized feedback with reliable, accurate and cost effective travel options. All above actions have been supported by the framework of e-commerce promotion in Cyprus. The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has launched the Programme “Epixirite Diadiktiaka” („Business Online”) as a part of its strategic plan for the acceleration of the growth of e-commerce in Cyprus.

The company addidionally aims to expand its organisational, secterarial and administrative skills in the fields of conference, seminars and incentives. Able to meet the needs of any group size and its dinstinctive needs requirend to their event completion, the direct hotel co-operations and ideally selected establishment can be the best tools to be used beneficially for finding the best (in quality and price) location for the organisation of any event.

We place great efforts on offering flexible terms and conditions to all customers; individuals or corporates, with minimal service costs and special tailored proposals designed to various categories of travellers;

– Children & School Camps, Learning English in Cyprus

– Sports (Trainings, Tournaments)

– Events (MICE, Weddings)

– Medical, Health & Wellness Tourism

– Religious Tourism

– Holiday & Leisure (singles, families, groups)