Dental Tourism in Cyprus teeth-whitening

Combine your holiday with a bright smile! 

Dentristry in Cyprus is highly developed over the last years, with advanced techniques and professional services developed. Our well experienced dental team has prepared a series of dental packages for people who would like to permanently establish a healthy smile!

The simplest way to recover a bright smile is teeth whitening. Whitening is a safe, fast and efficient procedure for changing the color of teeth with relatively low cost. With this procedure the teeth can be made whiter by 2-3 tones on the chromatic scale. After whitening the color achieved is stabilized during the next two weeks. During the whole process it is recommended to avoid the use of tobacco, red wine, tea and foods containing staining substances.

Teeth sensitivity may occur, which is only transitory. The effect of whitening is relatively permanent, if the patient is careful with the use of staining substances. The result can be kept longer if occasionally the patient receives a booster dose of whitening at home, and naturally it lasts longer in non-smoking patients.

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