Cosmetic Procedures in Cyprus nose-reshaping

Nose reshaping is the operation to reduce or refine the nose, and it is the most frequent facial surgery request. The reason may be simply that the person is self-conscious of a large hump or a prominent tip. Some individuals may have sustained injuries to their nose, which have given rise to unsightly deformities. In either event, prominent nasal humps and tips are frequently associated with more masculine features and therefore if these are present on the nose of the female, may give rise to an overall harsher feminine facial appearance. In the vast majority of cases, men and women alike wish to have a normal nose that will blend into their face rather than dominate their features.

If you require corrective surgery to the nose as a result of a previous rhinoplasty it is important to wait usually at least 1 year before any further surgery is attempted. 
Enquiries will also be made as to your breathing patterns and whether you suffer with any nasal obstruction. Many times this can also be addressed at the same time as a nose reshaping. The most common request is to reduce the size and alter the shape of a large nose. Your specialist surgeon will try give a nose that is attractive and proportional in size and shape to the rest of your face.

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