Holiday and Hair transplantation in Cyprus hair-transplant

Holiday and Hair transplantation in Cyprus

Our Hair Restoration Provider is a leading Hair Transplant Clinic in Europe, and considered to be in the top 3 Clinics in Europe according to the sustainable successful results that are posted in international Hair Transplant Forums. Our Clinic works with a full-time staff of 3 certified surgeons and 5 highly specialized technicians, implementing over 250 hair transplant sessions per year. Patients come from all over the world, mainly from the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Italy and Israel, in order to receive expertise in surgical Hair Replacement (FUE and Strip Techniques) and other Hair Loss solutions. They are consulting over 2,000 patients per year on hair loss problems, restoration, surgery, treatments and related conditions which gives our experts a unique perspective on the social, professional and personal dimensions of hair transplantation surgery and patient needs.

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