Boat Safari

Join us on the full day excursion on our well-equipped speed glass bottom boat (toilet, tent, comfortable seats, music etc). We will start off the day from the picturesque Larnaca marina and will first go among the Larnaca coastline to the beautiful Red cliffs – the inhabitant area of eagles.  We will next stop to the fishing farm in the open sea, where the Cypriot delicatessen fishes “Tzipura” is bred. Afterwards the boat will pass from the famous natural harbor of “Potamos” taking a chance to see the traditional fisherman’s boats. Going among amazing white sandy beaches of Ayia Napa sliding on the incredible crystal clear blue waters we reach a complex of sea caves, called “Pirate Caves” as they were used in the ancient times by pirates and smugglers. If the sea is calm enough, the boat enters one of the Pirate caves. We next go under the natural Rock Bridge heading for the “Sea Palace” caves built of stalactites and stalagmites which were melting together. Our next stop is Cavo Grekko – the furthest southeastern point of the island.  Leaving behind the Cape we stop at one of the bays for some swimming, snorkeling and feeding fishes for about 40 min. For some adventurous we go to Ayii Anargiri area, where you can try cliff diving (jumping). We then whisk you off across Protaras Bay to view and to get the information about the “Ghost City” of Famagusta. Lunch, wine and soft drinks will be served on one of the stops and is Included in the price. Also the masks for snorkeling are provided.
*The program of the safari can be slightly changed according to the weather conditions.

Adventure Boast Safari

This afternoon boat safari the adventurous persons will especially enjoy. It gives you the chance to explore the mysterious sea caves and grottos, fantastic wave-cut coast formations as well as to observe the underwater life through the glass bottom. We will start off the trip from the “Fig Tree Bay” in Protaras and will first lead for Famagusta – former “Perl of Mediterranean“. Our jet boat will whisk you then across the Protaras bay and will stop to Ayii Anargiri cave with a little white church on the top of it. The rock above the cave is considered to be the ideal spot for cliff divers. Our trip will continue towards the famous Blue Lagoon and on the way we will stop to the “Shark Mouth” Rock and the beautiful stone formation called “Lovers Bridge”.  We will have a long stop at the “Blue Lagoon”, where you have will have a possibility to swim in the crystal clear water, to snorkel and to feed the numerous fishes. From there we will head for the gorgeous Cape of Grekko – 150meters high rock – the most south- eastern point of the island. Going around the cape we will reach the impressive “Sea Palace Caves” made of stalactites and stalagmites and the “Pirate Caves” of Ayia Napa, which are believed to be used by smugglers in the ancient time. On the way back we will pass under the stone bridge and will go open waters to search for dolphins and sea turtles.  Our safari will end in Protaras, from where the bus will take you back to the hotels. The program of the excursion can be changed depending of the weather conditions.

Relaxing Cruise & Octopus Fishing Boat trip

Enjoy a day out at sea fishing, swimming, relaxing and admiring the view of the Larnaca coastline. Our experienced fishermen will help you catch octopus the traditional way. All fishing equipment and masks are provided. Lunch on board is included in the price and combines Cypriot homemade seafood and wine or soft drinks.

Shark Fishing

This day will start at the early morning when busses will deliver us to the Larnaca Marine. At the good equipped boat with friendly team we will go in to the open sea. After training by experienced captain – fishermen we will try to catch deep-water fish. All fishing equipment and masks are provided. If fortune will bless us we can catch even a shark or tune. Don’t forget to make some photos of harvest! We can stop our boat to swim and dive in crystal clear water of Mediterranean Sea. Snacks and drinks will be offered on the boat.

Sunset Cruise & Magic Dancing Waters

On board this private cruiser enjoy the chilled glass of champagne and delicious snacks. Chill out with soft relaxing music and the gentle breeze as we cruise in the sparkling clear waters of the Mediterranean. Relax on the teak deck or inside the cabin as we glide through the calm waters until we drop anchor 1-2 miles out to spot the dolphins, swim and watch the spectacular sunset. We return to Fig Tree bay along the beautiful coastline passing by small beaches guttering in the moonlight. Afterwards we will visit famous show of dancing waters in Protaras, where during the dinner you will enjoy the fantastic show.

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